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Northern Endocrine provides a comprehensive range of clinical endocrinology specialist consultations including:
  • General endocrine consultations eg. pituitary, adrenal, calcium disorders, osteoporosis, PCOS
  • Diabetes management and education
  • Insulin pump initiation in Type 1 diabetes
  • Endocrine disorders of pregnancy, including gestational diabetes
  • Thyroid disorders including goitre, under- or overactive thyroid, and evaluation of thyroid nodules
  • Blood pressure management, including investigation as to the cause of refractory hypertension
  • Lipid/cholesterol

Part of the consultation fee is rebated by medicare, but there will be an 'out-of-pocket' expense. Please call us for any questions about our fees and potential out-of-pocket expenses. We kindly request payment on the day of consultation, which can be made by cash, EFT-pos or credit card (not AMEX or Diners).

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