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Thyroid ultrasound rebates

The medicare rebate (the amount you will receive 
back) for thyroid ultrasound 
is significantly higher if you 
have a request form. 

If you believe you will 
require a thyroid ultrasound 
we suggest that your referral letter include a request for ultrasound. 

Please discuss with our receptionist ahead of your appointment if unsure about referral and request requirements.

Phone: (02) 9011 5226


Northern Endocrine has a strict policy of payment for service on the day.  Cash, cheques, money orders, EFTPOS, and major credit cards are accepted (not Amex or Diners).  We do not bulk bill.  Upon scheduling your appointment you will be advised of our fees and we can also give an indication of the medicare rebate.

Since 1985, the Medical Benefits Scheme has set a scheduled fee for medical consultations in Australia. However, over time the Medicare scheduled fee has not kept pace with inflation. As a result, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has now determined its own schedule of fees indexed to inflation. Northern Endocrine sets its fees between the lower Medicare fee and the higher AMA fee. Most patients are reimbursed around 50-60% of the charged fee back from medicare.

Northern Endocrine may reduce fees slightly for full aged care pensioners and disability pensioners on an individual basis. For patients unable to afford private endocrinology services, endocrine consultations are available at no charge within the public hospital system. Dr Hughes consults at the public endocrinology clinic at St Vincent's Hospital. All large public hospitals in Sydney provide public endocrinology consultations which can be accessed with a referral from your GP.

If you have any concerns or questions about our fees please don't hesitate to discuss them with us prior to your appointment. Phone (02) 9011 5226

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